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Digital Printing Speed vs. Screen Printing Speed

Digital Printing Speed vs. Screen Printing SpeedDigital printing is making huge strides toward speed in the last 5 years and no doubt it will increase. They are great tools for low quantity projects, but still fall behind screen printings quality, color vibrancy and durability.The fastest digital press today can output around 7,000 sqft per hour. (Low Quality Mode) 

Our new 5-Color Screen Printing press can output around 24,000 sqft per hour. (Beast Mode)

What does this mean to you?

This brings the minimum quantity level down significantly, so your 500 sheet digital job can be screen print at a much lower cost than digital.

Attention Print Buyers. Don't be afraid of screen printing. :)

You would be surprised at our quality of screen printing, numerous times are work has been mistaken as "litho" prints.


New Equipment Purchase!

Large Format Print LeadersWe are excited and proud to announce that we have just purchased a NEW 5090 XL - 5 color Thieme to complement our existing 5070 XL.This press prints a max image size of 79" x 120" and has a running speed of over 400 IPH! 
The addition of this press  gives Coyle a unique and competitive edge in the marketplace as well as some new and awesome capabilities; for instance press checking two sided jobs simultaneously or printing long runs twice as fast.
About Coyle:Large format print specialist for 50 years. End-to-end project management for Retail, Entertainment, Auto, QSR and Value Added Resellers.

Digital Die Cutting

Digital Cutting TableState of the Art Technology & Industry Leading Service.We at Coyle have not been shy about purchasing the newest technology to give us and our clients the upper hand in business. Staying up to date with new offerings and procedures helps us get your project out first and at a competitive price.
Our iCut Digital Cutting Table, gives Coyle the flexibility to finish custom low quantity projects with the same technology as we use for large nationwide rollouts. We have had In-House die cutting capabilities for over 30 years, most of our competitors have to source out their die cutting needs.
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Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day 2014

Digital Large Format Printer

Digital Large Format Printer.Large Format Print needs are met by Coyle.We manage multiple nationwide projects simultaneously on a weekly basis.
That means when your project timeline has been cut in half, we can still provide our quality service and get your job out on time and on budget. 

We also provide Value Added Resellers a place to produce larger items that cannot be finished at their print shops, Or run into production bottlenecks that we can help elevate. 

High capacity meets high quality at Coyle!