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Large Format Screen Printing

Screen Printing Vs Digital PrintingA perfect example of screen printing versus digital printing.
A large national retail company had a promotion recently that required large window graphics to be displayed. They were originally going to digitally print 2,000+ vinyl banners on the latest digital presses. Depending on the print output quality settings, the job would of taken two weeks to print. 
We came up with a more cost and time effective solution that the client loved. Instead of banner vinyl we chose card stock for the window poster. They are still able to roll the sheet just enough to fit the pre-set packaging requirements.
Instead of digitally printing the graphics, we printed the 8 foot by 6 foot sheets of card stock on our newest screen printing press. Our Thieme 5090XL can handle sheets up to 6.5 foot by 10 foot!! Another major factor on why we chose screen printing over digital printing was SPEED! Our 5-color in-line Thieme 5090XL can print over 7,000 sqft an hour! Meaning we ar…